Daesan Literary Awards for College Students


The Daesan Literary Awards for College students- jointly sponsored by the Changbi Publishing Company- was initiated to stimulate literary activities across college campuses and to uncover promising new writers.
Works written by students in universities in Korea or abroad were collected in six categories: poetry, fiction, drama, screenplay, criticism, and children's literature, yielding a total of 353 writers in poetry, 362 in fiction, 63 in drama, 35 in screenplay, 9 in criticism, and 29 in children's literature. A total of 851 students submitted works. Committee members were selected in each category and carried out a screening process. Winners included the following: Seoryeong Lee (first year at Seoul Institute of the Arts) in the poetry category, Giseong Yu (junior at Chungang University) in the fiction category, Jinhui Kim (second year at the Seoul Institute of the Arts) in the drama category, and Haseob Gim (second year at the Seoul Institute of the Arts) in children's literature. Winners received 5 million KRW and the possibility of going on a literary tour overseas. The awards ceremony was held in the Convention Hall of the Kyobo Building on January 12, 2011 (Wednesday); the literary tour took place between January 21 (Friday) and January 31 (Monday), winners expanding their literary horizons by participating in group-literary programs prepared in Japan, France, and England.