Daesan Literary Awards for College Students


Winning Works
Winning Works
Genre Author University Title of work(s)
Poetry PARK Chae-Lim Seoul University of the Arts the Veronica
Fiction OH Seong-Yong Choseon University Stop! Derilla
Drama LEE Ju-Young Dongguk University A table with canary
Scenario JEONG Sang-Hyun Chugye University of the Arts Run away
Criticism ROH Dae-Won Seogang University A maze in the basement-escape from the nightmare
A fairy tale KIM Hae-Deung Gwangju University Tak's yellow train
The Daesan Literary Awards for College students--jointly sponsored by the Changbi Publishing Company--was initiated to stimulate literary activities across college campuses and to uncover promising new writers. Works written by students in universities in Korea or abroad were collected in each of the six categories: poetry, fiction, drama, scenario, critical writing, and writing for children, yielding a total of 349 writers in poetry, 333 in fiction, 47 in drama, 53 in scenario, 7 in critical writing, and 41 in children's literature. A total of 830 students submitted works.
Committees screened the works in each category and selected one award-winner in each category. Winners received 5 million won and the possibility of making a literary tour overseas. The awards ceremony was held in the 10th floor Auditorium of the Kyobo Building on January 11, 2007; the literary tour took place between January 21 and February 3; winners visited Japan, Ireland, Britain, and France among other countries.