Grants for the Translation, Research and Publication of Korean Literary Works


The Daesan Foundation's grants for the translation, research and publication of Korean literary works seeks to activate the translation, research and publication of Korean creative writing and to disseminate it widely overseas in order to globalize Korean literature and enhance the national culture. The project targets all the world's major languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, and takes applications in the categories of translation (publishing) support, research (publishing) support and publishing support. Selected works receive, depending on the category, between KRW 5 million and 15 million in translation, research or publication subsidies. In 2014, the foundation received applications for 70 works. The screenings were conducted by one or two translators in the relevant languages and scholars of overseas literature. After screening, 22 works were selected for support, including five for English, three for French, two for German, one for Spanish, two for Japanese, four for Chinese, one for Russian and one for Italian. By category, 19 were given translation support, two were given research support and one given publishing support. In total, the selected works were given a total of about KRW 270 million in support. The certification ceremony for the selected works was held in the Kyobo Convention Hall of the Kyobo Building in Gwanghwamun on Aug. 26. In 2014, a total of 17 works were published overseas after receiving translation support from the Daesan Foundation, including four works in English, three works in French, four works in Japanese and two works in Spanish.