Daesan Literary Awards


THe 22th(2014)
From last year, the Daesan Literary Awards has set aside KRW 50 million in prize money for all categories. The evaluation system was also improved, with a biannual evaluation system being adopted for the drama and literary criticism categories - prizes were awarded for dramas last year and literary criticisms this year. From June, a three-month preliminary screening was conducted of all literary works published or performed between August 2013 and July 2014, which is to say, those works eligible for this year's awards. The winners were decided during the main screening, in which the works were evaluated by genre for two months starting in September. Through this year's Daesan Literary Awards, given to literary figures who have spent years striving to enrich Korea's literary heritage and promote said heritage domestically and overseas, we could attest to the rich fruit born from the entirety of Korean modern literature. This year's awardees were, by genre: in poetry, Park Jeong-dae for 『Long Live Che Guevara』, in novels, Kim Won-il for 『Son's Father』, in literary criticism, Nam Jin-woo for 『Dreaming amid the Ruin』, and in translation, “Hors les murs』, Hélène Lebrun's French translation of Park Wan-seo's 『Who Ate up All the Shinga? 』.
Some KRW 50,000 in prize money was given out in four categories for a total of KRW 200 million. Award-winning works in the poetry and novel categories will be translated into major foreign languages by recruiting volunteer translators in 2015 and published through publishing companies in the relevant regions. The award ceremony was successfully held at the International Meeting Room of the Korea Press Center.