Literary Symposium Commemorating Writers' Centennial Anniversary


This project spotlights writers who survived Korea's turbulent early modern history through a fierce literary spirit and looks at a century's worth of fruit born of Korea's early modern literature. Held jointly with the Writers Association of Korea since 2001, the symposium held its 14th session in 2014. 2014 marked the centennial of the birth of several important Korean writers, including Kim Gwang-gyun, Kim Sa-ryang, Oh Yeong-su, Yu Hang-nim, Lee Yong-ak and Jang Man-yeong. The symposium convened under the theme of “Korean Literature, Sensibility of Modernity and Divergence,” while as a side event, “Literature Night” was convened with the participation of the writers' descendants and the general public. This year's event also supported a commemorative symposium to mark the centennial of the birth of Kim Gwang-gyun and Lee Yong-ak and an international academic seminar on Kim Sa-ryang, as well as wrote reports and research biographies on the writers and published them along with the papers delivered at the symposium as a thesis collection.